4 Lexington 2 school board members recognized by the S.C. School Boards Assn.

From Dawn Kujawa – Lexington Two Schools Communications

Four Lexington Two school board members are being recognized by the South Carolina School Boards Association for milestones in board service.

Lexington Two board Chairman Bill Bingham and board members Beth Branham and Cindy Kessler are being recognized for 20 years of service, while board member Linda Wooten is being recognized for 10 years. They are among 55 board members statewide noted for service of from 10 to 35 years.

Meanwhile, as part of School Board Recognition Month in January, all Lexington Two board members participated in an official signing of the South Carolina School Board Member Ethical Principles during the monthly board meeting on January 16.  By signing the principles, school board members publicly vowed to uphold effective governance principles and pledged to improve public education in their communities. 

Lexington Two salutes its seven school board members —  Bingham, Branham, Kessler and Wooten, along with Vice Chairman Kevin Keys, Secretary Christina Rucker and board member Bud Summers. As advocates for student success, school board members are leaders, champions, and public servants to the students and staff of Lexington Two schools.


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