Lexington County teen dies in crash on the way to pond to go fishing

Coroner Margaret Fisher has identified the individual who died as a result of a single motor vehicle accident that occurred on private property in the 500 block of Martin Neese Road shortly shortly after 10 a.m., Friday.

According to Fisher, Mr. Kenneth Chase Cathey, 16, of Gaston was pronounceddead at the scene.

Mr. Cathey and a passenger were traveling on private property in order to go fishing in a pond on the property. Mr. Cathey was unable to see upcoming hazards due to tall grass in the area, and the vehicle went down an embankment into a small body of water that had accumulated from the spillway of the pond. The vehicle came to rest on its side, submerged in the water.

Mr. Cathey and the passenger were not wearing seat belts when the incident occurred. Thepassenger was transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. An autopsy conducted on Mr. Cathey determined that his death was the result of drowning.

The accident is under investigation by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.


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