West Columbia’s Curtis Loftis, S.C. Treasurer, says it’s time to reclaim your freedom from government overreach

West Columbia’s Curtis Loftis, S.C. Treasurer

South Carolina Treasurer and West Columbia native and resident Curtis Loftis wrote in a Facebook post Thursday that recent events, including the COVID-19 lockdown and civil disobedience riots, have resulted in a loss of freedom for US citizens. Loftis declared he is taking back his right to be free. His post is presented below:

“I was born a free man and I am reclaiming my freedom. I don’t care if the politicians, unelected bureaucrats and their sycophants like it or not. I will be prudent and respectful, but keep your hysteria to yourself, your hands off my wallet, your body off my property and your need for control away from my God given freedom.

I’m tired of lockdowns, curfews, looters, weaponized pandemics, mandatory this and that, gov’t caused massive unemployment, bad science, worse science, greedy special interest, wasteful public spending and massive debt. I’m tired of being a second-class citizen to anyone screaming mindless chants that happen to align with the Leftists running our bureaucracies or our tax dollar supported universities that are turning our kids into Marxist revolutionaries.

I won’t place a chip in my body, carry a health passport, detail my private life to a government contact tracer or be forced to take medicines or vaccinations. I will not replace my Christian faith with your warmed over Marxism called Social Justice Theory.

I am a free man and I won’t kneel before any master save my God.”

Link to the Facebook quote of Curtis Loftis

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